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They reject even obvious corrections. - For example, a link to a wrong city of Saint Petersburg, USA, instead of Russia... Or the last year of her rest in office.

Dalia Grybauskaitė

Dalia Grybauskaite, (born March 1, 1956, Vilnius, U.S.S.R. [now Vilnius, Lithuania]), Lithuanian politician, who served as president of Lithuania (2009-2019); she was the first woman to hold the post.

1979-1988 Grybauskaite was a member of Communist party of USSR.
Since 1990 does not belong to any party.
This was her statement to the electoral commission in 2009.
She keeps a secret to what party she belonged in 1988-1990, and possibly till 1991.

Grybauskaite studied at Leningrad A.A. Zhdanov State University (now Saint Petersburg State University) and earned (1988) a doctorate in economics from the Moscow Academy of Public Sciences.

From 1983 to 1991 she was a lecturer at the Communist Party’s training college in Vilnius. She allegedly held this post even after Lithuania gained full independence in 1991. She claims to have left the Communist college in June, 1990. Yet in November, 1990 she still received a monetary award (a premium) for excellent work at the Communist college.
She hides this fact, and alters her biography at will. She has 2 reasons for this:ė Komunistų mokykloje
On January 13, 2013, the anniversary of the massacre Zigmas Vaishvila (Zigmas Vaišvila) told the parliament the story of the Communist college. Parliament ignored his speech.
Zigmas is a signatory to the act of independence of Lithuania, former member of parliament, participant in the struggle for independence, victim of violence by Soviet troops. Nowadays he is a victim of Lithuanian judges on fake charges of embezzlement of his own funds. He alleges this to be a revenge by the president Grybauskaite. She appoints judges, chief prosecutor, and chief of Police. Hence, she allegedly may give secret orders to them.

Grybauskaite held posts in the country’s Ministry of International Economic Relations and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.ė.htm
In 1991 Grybauskaite held a post at the embassy of U.S.S.R. in Washington, USA. After 25 years this fact unwillingly, circumstantially, in writing confirmed to Zigmas Vaishivila an embassy of Russia in Lithuania. Same year of 1991 she tried to get a job at Lithuanian embassy in Washington. But was rejected because of her work for U.S.S.R.

1996–99 Grybauskaite served as the plenipotentiary minister at the Lithuanian embassy in the United States. The government of USA ordered Lithuanian government, and state enterprise "Lietuvos Urmas" ("Whole-sale of Lithuania") to remove Grybauskaite from the embassy within 24 hours.

She returned to Vilnius to assume the office of deputy finance minister and became Lithuania’s chief negotiator with the IMF and the World Bank.

In 2000 Grybauskaite was appointed deputy foreign affairs minister and took a leadership role within the delegation responsible for negotiating Lithuania’s accession to the European Union (EU).

From 2001 to 2004 she served as finance minister, and in that post she strongly supported privatization and liberalization efforts, among other reform measures.

She developed a reputation for toughness and blunt talk; numerous media outlets began calling her Lithuania’s “Iron Lady,” a reference to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, for whom Grybauskaite had publicly expressed admiration. Most of the blunt talk, however was literally blunt (dull). Her main theme was inability of bureaucrats to receive, and spend enough financial aid from European Union. She ignored the purpose of the aid. Hence, most aid was embezzled on unnecessary projects, "infrastructure", roads, buildings.
Much later Linas Balsys left her office as presidential aid, and claimed that her only purpose is to look good. He became member of parliament.

In 2004 Grybauskaite was tapped to serve in Brussels as the European commissioner responsible for financial programming and budget.

She was later selected the 2005 EU Commissioner of the Year.

After the deepening global economic crisis helped spark violent protests in Vilnius in January 2009, Grybauskaite left her EU post to run as an independent candidate in Lithuania’s presidential election. Touting her extensive experience in finance and economics, she registered an overwhelming victory in May, capturing more than 69 percent of the vote to just under 12 percent for her nearest rival—the largest-ever margin of victory for a Lithuanian presidential candidate.

After taking office in July 2009, Grybauskaite pretended to focus on lifting the country’s economic fortunes. To this end, she never sought to stimulate exports, cut public expenditures, to efficiently implement EU aid, and offer tax relief to owners of small businesses. Useless public expenditure, number of bureaucrats, and debt only increased, as if there was no crisis: svaistymas
She never refused to sign such profligate budgets.
She increased wages for her own office of president, judges, prosecutors, Police. She left their victims, and pensioners destitute.

By 2011 the economy was showing some signs of recovery, though it continued to struggle.

The public was bored by empty blunt talk of Dalia Grybauskaite. Despite of her talk, corruption continued in law enforcement, and the entire public service from ministries to hospitals, and schools.
In 2014 Dalia Grybauskaite won elections for the post of president again, but by a very narrow margin: 53%... And only in second round. She would have lost the elections, if not for the disunity of opposition. Each candidate of opposition wanted a victory for himself. Nobody budged. They split votes, and lost. This is a usual strategy of the ruling gang. They "dilute" the opposition, and split the votes.ė Grybauskaitė dangsto teisejus
Since year 2014 general prosecutor, office of special investigations (STT), and other officers of law enforcement systematically conceal criminal cases against president Dalia Grybauskaite. Most serious charge: forbidden treatment of civilians, article 100 of Criminal Code - a crime against humanity.
There are also a couple of dozens lesser accusations of state crimes against her, and most of the top state officials.

On April 30, 2018 the worst nightmare of Dalia Grybauskaite realized: her former servant, former member of parliament Eligijus Masiulis revealed secret electronic mails between him and her. In those mails, for many years the president Grybauskaite negotiated with a business company "MG Baltic" various matters, and in particular appointment of chief prosecutor Evaldas Pashilis (Evaldas Pašilis) in year 2015. She used Eligijus Masiulis as an intermediary.
On May 12, 2016 Masiulis was caught with a quarter of million Euros in cash as potential bribe to someone. In the letters Masiulis swore to be the most loyal servant of Grybauskaite. But after the criminal case began, he changed tone, and bore a grudge against Grybauskaite, who betrayed him by letting law enforcement to deal with him.
Grybauskaite then allegedly secretly ordered secret service (VSD) to reveal even more bad news about other politicians, who secretly dealt with bad companies too. They held those news secret for over 12 years. They revealed it only now in order to divert attention from the bad president.

Grybauskaite dumped Masiulis, and the party of "Alliance of liberals" for the new allies, the party: "Alliance of greens, and peasants". Bronis Rope was her rival (dilutor) in presidential elections of 2014. He belongs to this party.
In autumn 2016 the ruling gang helped them win most seats in parliament. Suddenly, and mysteriously many newspapers, and televisions declared this party the favourite, the most popular.
The gang brought in to the party several ill-fortuned politicians. Most odious of them is Saulius Skvernelis. He is a former traffic policeman; loyal servant of the state gang. He quickly climbed the ladder to chief of Police, minister of the interior. Now he became a member of parliament, and a prime minister.
The party of "Greens and peasants" served the ruling gang, and Grybauskaite obediently. They covered up several requests to impeach Grybauskaite, to remove her from power.
Even when they scolded her for the secret letters to Masiulis, they never threatened to remove her.


Number of complaints, and other appeals by ordinary people per year: 5000.
Of those president Grybauskaite answered personally: 0.

These are official 2 statements by Grybauskaite, and her Chancellery respectively.
Grybauskaite boasts the 1st number, and keeps silent about the 2nd.
Her Chancellery boasts about both numbers.

She does not work.
In her stead her Chancellery writes all responses. They breach article 89 of Constitution.