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What do we have to do? (page under construction)
Please stop financial aid to Lithuania! It is all wasted on expansion of automobiles.

I publish my own law of "Andy the bike".
An introduction to my law in English:
You are reading it now.
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Law that a bicycle needs.

Talk... talk... talk... My response to profanation of the struggle for ecology and bicycles.
[...]Bicycle law.
A very efficient, reliable, simple, and durable bicycle law. Saves time, money, and health. Fights corruption, and destruction. Andrew has invented it long ago - back in 1999. Why haven't you implemented it yet???! Please accept it, and please press Lithuania to accept this law.
An expanded text of this law is here in Lithuanian language:
Do not sit idle on my law. Go and implement it. Shame your government. Shame my government. Shame the people. Educate everyone. Give them this law, and tell them not to return till it is granted.
[...]Law to legalize corruption
§2.9 Residents pay for corruption themselves
The entire state of Lithuania is criminal.
They steal money from you by billions of Euro as aid to scoundrels from European Union.
You do not need Brexit. You could simply implement my §2.9 on spread of cost, and individual bills.
Then every citizen of Britain would decide not to give money to abusive "beggars".
Scientists and politicians are stumped to find a message to people that would encourage them stop burning gasoline. While, I am stumped how they can be so blind! The answer has been with us for more than 150 years now.
It is:
a bicycle.

Oh! But I am mistaken. Scientists and politicians only put on the environmental appearance. They never actually wanted to do anything about anything. And of course they all drive cars. A car leaves no time for any other thought, even if we call what they do as thinking.

So called scientists and activists run campaigns to prove that careless people destroy our planet.
Effort wasted on advocating environment to people, who already know it. Do something rather than talk!

Plan of action on my web:

No matter, if global warming has any proof. Action is beneficial in itself.
Take a bicycle...
It is the best boost and saver to world economy, energy, gross national product, security of nations and energy, and independence.

Governments simply do not know what to do. Give them clear instructions, like mine. Demand personal responsibility.

I give them this read... They pretend illiteracy...
I speak to them. They pretend no comprehension...
I prove... They pretend agreement... and do nothing.
That's a fact. I am doing this for years, and years... I know what I am talking about.

Is this a new way to create new taxes? Is environment a mere excuse, a cover for selfish governments?
Maybe... Any action that discourages waste, and encourages education will do. It may be taxes, taboos, and bans, it maybe laws, rules, and financial stimulus, positive discrimination of new technology in conservation. If new taxes help that, let governments have this piece of their so much delightful cake.

But you must demand responsible handling of newly collected taxes. Otherwise a government would spend it on expansion of cars, instead of investment in education and environment.

Please also remember, that environment itself does not need much investment. Please do not demand any building projects in forests, like bike paths, or roads. Do not stimulate building construction companies - they are those, who invade and destroy nature, and education. Environment is cheap. It is expensive only when we lose it.

    Kinds of investment in environment might be in protection. For example, see these articles of my law:
  • Education
  • Army patrols

You could also encourage people to walk. But walking is not as joyful or efficient. Walking is hard and boring. It will never work. However, it is exactly walking that people invent they like more than cycling, when they need an excuse for taking cars, or at least dreaming of cars, rather than simply sitting on a bike.

Do you know where do they walk? They walk to a "sports gym" - sometimes a kilometer or two. But most often they drive to there.
These so called "sportswomen" and "sportsmen" never cycle... neither to gym, nor anywhere...

Cycling is fast and fun.
When you mount on a bike, you just pedal... And you don't notice as you get used to it. You go fast, or slow, yet you still go the distance quite quickly.

The message is very simple:
all your business and leisure trips please make on a bicycle.
- just one rule.

This is a far simpler message than:
"please walk 15 minutes a day, park far away, and take the stairs".
- too many conditions to follow. Let's face it - many people are simply too dumb. They can not comprehend all these however simple rules.

The essence is the term "all trips". It doesn't make sense to go by bike only for leisure. When a person cycles everywhere, there's no question of under-exercise, or lack of exercise - one is always fit.

I laugh when I hear people making a big problem:
"Oh, how could we make folks lose weight?! Stay on diet, go to GYM, walk 15 minutes a day..."
Rubbish!!! ... A waste of time, and money.

I suggest you loose weight doing it "by the way". ... Much weight!
Simply go by bicycle everywhere you go, and you lose 10kg of fat just in one month without any extra effort or thinking.
In addition, the prolonged exercise raises the mood.

I am not making things up. I myself lose weight by that rate, when I resume cycling after a prolonged period off bike. ... For example when it was stolen. And I have seen folks loose even more weight just in 2 weeks of making a bicycle tour. A fat man - an acquaintance of mine - became unrecognizable stout "sportsman". - Just after 2 weeks on wheels.

How politicians can deliver the message?
They can do it right now without getting up from their warm chairs.

Time and time again, we hear of one-day campaigns to make people cycle. Those are usually conducted by politicians. Sometimes by health organizations.
Most of them are formalists, simply doing their paid job. If the job were to sort papers, they would sort papers on their desks all day.

But one-day campaigns never work.
People are very banal animals. They succumb to manipulation. Make a reminder constant, and intrusive. Then they learn just anything. Even that white is black.

Bicycle law
An expanded text of this law is here in Lithuanian language:
Do not sit idle on my law. Go and implement it. Shame your government. Shame my government. Shame the people. Educate everyone. Give them this law, and tell them not to come back till it is granted.
    All you have to do is as follows:
  1. Educational institutions hang on their walls bicycles, and positive, idillic pictures of their use.
  2. Ban all financial aid to countries expandig roads, and pampering automobilism.
  3. Exempt bikes from taxes on income and VAT.
  4. Make on every street corner a billboard advertising cycling (possibly borrowing all the techniques from ads of cigarettes, alcohol, cars, sex, bad movies, etc.). Cars already use such criminal advertising. Ban it.
  5. Make traffic rules favourable to bicycles (and public transport). Make bike a privileged transport. Make it have the right of way in most situations. Make the most dangerous transport responsible for accidents in most road incidents.
  6. Assign the first lane of every road, in each direction to bikes and public transport ("A" lanes in Lithuania for "autobus", called "BUS" lanes elsewhere). Sacrifice one road lane to be shared with public transport. Sacrifice it even if space is plentiful, and even if a separate adjacent bike path exists. Make bicycle lanes along any road only when a passage by bike is impossible (too dangerous). Bicycle path is part of a problem. - Not a solution.
      In most cases bike paths are a utopia invented by profane "activists". Among other wrong causes, bike paths are invented to give extra job to construction companies. They divert the attention from the need to stem proliferation of cars. In Lithuania the problem of cars is especially bad, because drivers run virtually unchecked by police in all banned places. Even a motorist hits a cyclist on a sidewalk, for example, it is the cyclist who is declared guilty by police, and the judge. ... Lawlessness, and pampering of motorists...
      In Lithuania bike paths are promoted by one particular self proclaimed "representative of cyclists" Frank Wurft (also called Frankas Wurftas in Lithuanian). He has an aid - Linas Vainius - a scoundrel, the new chief of Lithuanian Cyclists' Community (LDB, or LCC in English). Frank Wurft is a charlatan, who came from Germany to live in Lithuania and to pray on idiots. His aim is to make "friends" with any bureaucrat who is willing to basically give him money. He wants to make a living off "projects" related to bicycle paths. It does not matter to him, if the paths make any sense to cyclists. Only price matters. The more expensive construction project he inspires, the more support he receives back. Construction mafia is happy to have him as an ally. He approves their orders. They help him fund his business of publishig booklets about bike paths, and routes. He is almost resident in municipality of the town of Vilnius. Together with bureaucrats they plan the construction work. In many cases a safe passage for cyclist already exists. It is a dirt path, a sidewalk, a backyard, a forest trail in a park, or a quiet street. They are so hungry for money that they are ready to take the old asphalt out and put a new one, they are ready to asphalt the nature over, or destroy old trails.
      As I wrote, they concentrate solely on costruction. They ignore our requests to improving conditions for cyclists all over the town, and to check automobilism. Officially they are a Bicycle Commission. The Commission is not elected by anyone, comprised basically of bureaucrats and builders. But Commission has failed to say even a word against recent decision to give 1 billion litas (300mln Euros) to expansion of roads for cars. They have failed to protest against the recent plan to actually destroy most of the town in favour of builders, and motorists.
      The mentioned sum for cars - 300mln Euro - exceeds the sum received by the whole Lithuania from EU in year 2004. It is half the sum received from EU in year 2005. In the nearest future Lithuania as a whole will bury in the ground and sand about 5 billion Litas (1.5 billion Euros). It will receive as aid from EU abour 24 billion Litas (7 billion Euros).
      In years 2004 and 2005 Lithuania paid European taxes: 960 mln Litas.
      Received: 3980 mln. Lt.
      Balance: 3021 mln. Lt
      Spent on cars by Vilnius alone: 1000 mln Lt.
      European tax payer! Up till now, 20% of your money will be wasted on criminal projects to expand roads, to pamper automobilism.
      Lithuanian motorists kill about 1 cyclists per day, on holidays - 2 cyclists, over 100 cyclists per year. Will you have the wisdom? Will you stop the generous hand of your government? Or will you remain oblivious, and accomplice to crime?!
      Money is spent to asphalt the nature, destroy forests, wash a car wheel in every lake. Lithuanians do not know education. Education is banned. They emigrate to your country to plunder your resources and your hospitality. As a gratitude they leave a record number of road kill in your country. - Not just animals... They kill your neighbour... Eventually they will kill you. Civil society in Lithuania is broke, non-existent. SOS!
  7. Allow bicycles everywhere, including on sidewalks.
  8. Make politicians speak on TV and radio about bicycles every day (in the morning and in the evening). This will educate politicians about the importance of clear thinking, and bicycles.
    Make a "reality show" on TV: film how funny clumsy politicians, and bureaucrats cycle to work pedalling bicycles, or at least pedalling cars, how they bump one into another.
  9. Make public servants cycle to work.
  10. Make yearly hypnosis sessions for all public servants. Qualified psychologists should promote bicycles, and demote cars.
  11. Make daily hypnosis sessions on TV for the general public.
  12. Ban cars from all central locations, and from approaches to those locations.
  13. Transform legal and illegal car parking in such areas into grass lanes, alleys, or into sidewalks (essentially - bike paths, because bikes would be allowed anywhere).
  14. Make guarded bicycle parking everywhere.
  15. Make health insurance discounts for regular cyclists.
  16. Make a law prohibiting employers from harassing cyclists for being sweaty. Where sweat is not tolerable stipulate a shower.
  17. Army patrols nature. Trained to trace and catch people terrorizing the environment, forests and fields. Expel cars from nature.
Law to legalize corruption
An expanded text of this law in Lithuanian language, chapter about corruption:
It is the same page as the above mentioned Bicycle law.
2.9 Residents pay for corruption themselves
In Lithuanian: 2.9

§2.9 obliges a municipality to present residents with a bill of every large, or small thing.
A bill would be a list, just like a bill for expenses of households on utilities, like water, electricity.
That is, divide the cost proportionally among residents.
A resident would decide whether he wants to pay for something, or not.
If not, the thing may even starve of money, and not go ahead.

  • City of Paris in France runs a scheme, named "Participatory budget".
    It seems similar to mine. But actually it is the opposite.
    The only similarity is voting by residents. But it is not them who pay. So they feel no financial punishment for any nonsense that they vote for.

    As usual, bureaucrats ask the public to vote to give budget to one thing, or another.
    They deliberately do not provide an opposite option:
    not to do anything.
    It is most important.
    They only ask how to waste money. Not how to save it.

    This way bureaucrats draw the public into their crimes. So, that the public becomes an accomplice, feels guilt, and shuts up, does not complain.
    It is a usual method of solidifying criminal gangs, and entire criminal societies. Smudge others with your crime, and you get accomplices.

    Some residents proposed, and voted for a stadium. As if all people asked for it.
    But residents, and bureaucrats failed to explain its significance, worth.
    Usually there are open spaces, where people can play football.
    There are plenty of forests to jog, and ski.
    A fence around a lawn, and even a track does not make it a stadium. Neither it should.
    It is simply money for builders for unnecessary buildings.
    Building destroys nature, grass, trees, increase, and spread dust, dry deserts.

    Any public spending must occur only as a last resort, and only when you curtail all public waste of money.

    The entire state of Lithuania is criminal:
    President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite is a state criminal: Grybauskaite
    They do not want to implement my law.

    They steal money from you by billions of Euro as aid to scoundrels from European Union.
    They use your money to destroy nature, towns, and villages. Most money they spend on building, construction. Most of that is illegal.
    An appeal to stop financial aid to Lithuania:
    You must stop at least that.

    You do not need Brexit. You could simply implement my §2.9 on spread of cost, and individual bills.
    Then every citizen of Britain would decide not to give money to abusive "beggars". Then "beggars" would move on. Our state of "beggars" would switch to outright, ordinary, straightforward crime, robbery, and disappear from view into jail. They belong to jail, not to the "streets" of Vilnius, and Brussels.

Let your imagination loose... Expand this list as seems fit - the more, the better.
The key is:
an every day grinding reminder on every corner, and on every occasion.

As you see, it doesn't take a scientist to save the world. It takes a whole lot more of people in charge, who currently just do nothing.

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