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Please heed the appeal to stop financial aid to Lithuania.

Accomplices of state authority deleted my web pages, and mailing lists

This my site I restored after relocation. Some pages are temporarily missing.
Sorry for the inconvenience...
I have relocated these English pages to:, and Lithuanian to
I had to relocate trice: in 2007, and 2015-2017, because lovers of state authority delete me.

Shame on the so called "Lithuanian Cyclists' Community"! (LDB in Lithuanian, or LCC in English.)
In year 2007 they maliciously deleted these pages from the former location here: "", and "".
Below you find an appeal to all financial donors, and people of good will to stop the "destructivity" of this de facto illegal organization of automobilists. Yes, they are mostly car owners, and car apologists. It is actually a club of 10 members. Though they claim to represent the entire Lithuania.
The appeals are followed by the original web page. Do you see in it a reason to delete it? The part about politics I added later. It was not there, when they deleted the web page.

In autumn of 2015 another lover of state power deleted my web pages,, and the same under, He holds the 2 domains.
As a reward the state gave him a fat job at a Lithuanian branch of bank Barclay's.
In year 2009 the state lured the bank to Lithuania with a gift of 20 mln. Lt (7,6 mln. $). They mockingly called this gift a foreign investment into Lithuania.
The bank, at its prime, was worth 850000 mln. $ (850 billion $). They did not need the money. It was rather a sign of loyalty of criminals one to another: our state to the bank.
After a few days the state classified the sum a "trade" secret.
The state used the bank as a comfortable retreat for their accomplices. - Lazy, fat, well paid job.
In 2010 they employed the keeper of domains,, and It took them 5 years to force him to shut me up. All that time he did not entirely refuse to do so. As his belief in my cause faded, his sabotage of my web page, and e-mail increased. He turned into an accomplice of criminals gradually, as their payroll, and constant demands (propaganda) gradually obscured his mind. It is very easy to become insensitive, when you feed too well.

Sadly,,, and is a continuation of - a site of discussions by mailing lists, kept by "Open Society fund". George Soros established the branch of the Fund in Lithuania in 1992. He is a speculator on financial markets of the world. He failed to establish open society in Lithuania. Instead, all the time he fed a bunch of conformists in the administrations of the Fund, and of organizations it sponsors.
Several years ago the Fund supposedly stopped activity. It continued funding to most organisations, which it created. But ceased new actions, and shed some existing ones, including the discussions on
That's when the keeper of,, and took over. But he was far from open society. He championed malicious, ignorant, nonchalant, stubborn, mediocre complaisance.

It is one of evil creations of the Fund - "Nongovernmental organisations Information and Support Center" (NISC) - who expelled me from the mailing list "NGO" at on 25 of August, 2007. Their reason was that I predicted an oncoming economic crisis, and banking collapse of 2008.

NISC is not supposed to be short of cash, because of support from their wealthy sponsor George Soros. Yet, they do regularly receive money from Lithuanian state. They drain the money away from other organizations. The state does not give money to others. It gives money mostly to a small "inner circle" of supposed "NGO"s.

In year 2016 I established the web page elsewhere. It lasted but briefly for 2 days: 8-10 of October. - Right before, and during elections to parliament. Another lover of state power deleted it too. For half a year he dragged his feet to allow me to establish the web page. He thought he would influence elections this way. He miscalculated. He was too late. Many previous years of my "propaganda" already had an effect. All the main parties lost. When in the morning of October 10 he saw the results, he was furious...

On March 5, 2017 I finally established the web page here.

Stop financial support to self proclaimed Lithuanian Cyclists' Community

Appeal to all people of good will and sanity. Appeal to international sponsors of Lithuanian Cyclists Community (LDB, LCC).
Please stop your support for LDB (or LCC in English) - the keeper of, and domains.

This page of mine was deleted by Lithuanian Cyclists' Community (LDB, LCC). This took place on November 28, 2007.
They (LDB, LCC) can't stand the criticism, which I bring on them on the other pages here:
(my other site in Lithuanian language).
I do not discriminate them. I have invited them many times for a discussion. If they are able to prove me wrong, I may agree to withdraw my comments.
But they are lost for arguments.

In the best traditions of Lithuanian touchiness they simply deleted my Web pages.
But do not let the appearance of touchiness fool you. LDB (or LCC in English) has a quite practical goal: money, greed, and opportunism. Scoundrels have hijacked this organization.
Linas Vainius - one of the members of Lithuanian "Green movement", and now the new president of LDB, is willing to sacrifice his own reputation not just for the sake of it... He seeks to stifle my criticism of bureaucrats, and of himself...
Why would he do so?.. In the past he colluded with bureaucrats, and "marionettes" of construction companies. He was not alone. He did so together with the whole council of LDB.
My criticism is a direct threat to that collusion. I also achieved that public stopped donating money to LDB. People also stopped designating the 2% of income tax to LDB (which they can do by law). Some 3000 Litas per year stopped reaching the coffers of LDB. This is much. Consider that this money had no strings attached. LDB can spend it as they please.
Other income of LDB comes from bureaucrats (Lithuanian, and European Union). It always has conditions, targets, projects attached to it.
Linas Vainius seeks to launder the image of LDB... if not now, then with time at least. So that the money starts flowing again, and he can again indulge in providing tours, and other favours for his accomplices, members of LDB, bureaucrats, and alike.

Even a few months of disruption to my web pages is a great benefit to LDB. Meanwhile this organization has already started to sprawl anonymous web sites, pseudo web groups - its own proxies. These new sites are designed to glorify the LDB, and imitate plurality. Also they imitate some information services related to bicycling. The dubious content may not fool a self-conscious cyclist. But newcomers, and bureaucrats may be impressed. Spreading profanation of cycling, stifling education is again beneficial to LDB. The more stupid are folks, the easier it is to extract something from them.

The conclusion is that Lithuanian Cyclists Community is an illegal organisation.
It is actually a hybrid of an exclusive club, and a construction company of bicycle paths.
It must be prosecuted, or at least reregistered as such.

I already explained most of this stuff on the mailing list here:
http://susiraš - May and fall of 2007
The language is in Lithuanian. Sorry. You may ask me for a comment in English directly. See the end of this my page on how to write to me.

In this paragraph I translate a few statements.
Why I call them "scoundrels"?
That's for many reasons. Most I mentioned above. A few extra comments are below.
The latest affair was about the congress of LDB. It took place twice:
May 17th, 2007:
This primary congress failed to attain the quorum. So it was held the second time:
November 17th, 2007:
When the council of LDB learnt of my proposals at the primary congress, they decided to block me from the secondary one. They held a secret meeting on June 2nd, 2007. There they expelled me from LDB. They informed me only a few days before the secondary congress. Furthermore, they introduced a fee on participation of about 20Lt. This is a substantial sum. For example, it exceeds, or is on the scale of the fare (transportation) to the venue. The fee is illegal. Members of LDB have a right to participate without any fee. The fee was introduced to scare potential participants away. Only their own inner circle was expected.
For non-members the fee was 50Lt. Imagine a person, who would like to become a new member of LDB, and vote in support of my proposals... This fee discourages him from attending. He is not sure if we would be in majority, he is also not sure, if congress would not rig the proceedings so that his participation is blocked. For example they could refuse to accept his membership, or bring up essential voting before new members are admitted. He is not inclined to pay 50Lt just to be an unfortunate spectator.
The council of LDB withheld my proposals from other members. So no one even knew the agenda. No one even knew it is important to participate, and to come despite of the fee.
How the money is misappropriated? LDB can't take money for dubious causes directly. So they established the secondary project:
"Baltic Sea Cycling"
They asked for money from European Union. The European sponsor project is named "InterRegIIIB":
Now that the secondary project is in place, it in turn sponsors the congress of LDB - the meeting of members, and their enjoyment of sauna at a countryside resort.

You claim to be for sustainability. But what you actually sustain is corruption, and cars! Cars again are against sustainability.

Another secondary project is the collection of satellite organizations (proxies) around the LDB. All run by the same people. For example: "Du ratai", "Dvir Info", and maybe some others. One particular such organization serves a rent of bicycles, and other equipment (see the web sites, Sales of equipment is also performed. But you barely discern who does what. On the whole, the appearance is that the commerce is done by LDB. So, all appears to be legal... But when you investigate, you may discover those proxy organisations, and even commercial companies, like "Baltic Cycle", UAB. All these entities are mere covers for the same people - members of LDB gang.
As I explain above, the LDB serves exclusively to commerce, and entertainment: bike paths, construction, tourism (the industry), tourist travel to "conferences" (for LDB members, and bureaucrats), sales and rent of equipment. Political activity is stifled. The activity of LDB does not benefit the public. It rather benefits the mentioned proxies, construction companies, and bureaucrats. LDB is funded by public money. But LDB is a free tool of promotion, and commerce for the mentioned accomplices. Member fees, exempt from taxes, are also public money.

The English pages, which you are reading, and the mentioned Lithuanian pages constitute my propaganda of bicycling. By terminating them, LDB terminates its commitment to their own declared goals of promoting a bicycle, and discouraging cars.

Considering the above, I strongly urge all foreign and domestic financial sponsors to stop any dealing with Lithuanian Cyclists Community (LDB). I also urge you to appeal to the Ministry of Justice of Lithuania, and ask them to close the LDB down, because this organization is no longer true to its declared "programme" - the goals, which it was registered with.

The title page of our mailing lists on cycling, and politics:
You are welcome to join "interregionally".

Here is my web page. Andrew da bicicleta.
Recent travels:

Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia - Finland, July-August 2000:
Kaunas - Kybartai - Lazdijai - Druskininkai - Vilnius - Moletai - Ignalina - Utena - Kupiskis - Birzai - Riga - Saulkrasti - Haademeeste - Parnu - Rapla - Tallinn - Helsinki - Salo - Turku - Rymmatylla.

[...] Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Kaliningrad, July-August 2001:
Tallinn - island Hijumaa - island Saaremaa - Riga - Tukums - Kuldiga - Liepaja - Klaipeda - Zelenogradsk - Donskoye - Yantarnoye - Primorsk - Kaliningrad.

[...] Spain - Portugal, August-September 2002:
Malaga - Marbella - Ronda - Granada - Nerja - Marbella - Gibraltar - Algesiras - Ceuta - Tarifa - Cadiz - Jerez - Sevilla - Huelva - Tavira - Faro - Albufeira - Portimau - Lagos - Sagres / cabo Sao Vicente - Santiago - Setubal - Lisboa - Sintra - Leiria - Fatima - Tomar - Coimbra - Porto - Salamanca - Madrid - Toledo - Valencia - Barcelona.

Saint Petersburg, Russia. May-June 2003:
Plenty of visiting of the town proper, and of the environs 30km in circumference, including Kronstadt.

- Letters of February 2006. Hitch-hiking through Europe. Prey of thieves and thugs.

[...] Personal safety in Lithuania.
[...] Bicycle equipment.
Bicycles, parts, tools, sandals, advice. Some items I sell regularly. Some I design and manufacture.
[...] A law necessary for bicycle.
Proposals. Cycling would stop global warming. Since 150 years ago we all know how to solve the problem. Don't talk, just work. Ban cars. Promote bicycle, and education. Ban automobiles in most places. Ban propaganda of automobiles in line with any other drugs, and criminality. Cars are not the only pollutors. But they are the most redundant, and easiest to do away with immediately.
Kyoto Protocol will not work. Read my proposals, and do something that would work now!
[:::] Italy, France.
- Letters of February 2006. A couple of my reports of travel. Submitted as a response to inquiry for suggestions about travel by bicycle there. Includes episodes of robbery, theft, and even sexual assault in France, Austria, Poland, Italy.
[...] Reports of travel by bicycle submitted by other cyclists.
[:::] Transporting of bicycle, and by bicycle.
The page about modes of transporting a bicycle by public transport, and even hitch-hiking with it. Also carrying people and stuff by bicycle.
In Lithuanian language.
[:::] Lithuanian state is criminal.
Lithuanian judges, prosecutors, police, the Parliament, the president Dalia Grybauskaite with her aids are one criminal gang.
The article is in Lithuanian language only.
[:::] War in Ukraine, and elsewhere.
The article is in Lithuanian language only.
There I explain that not only the criminal state of Russia wages war on Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, and elsewhere.
The criminal state of Lithuania does so to. Although they claim to help Ukraine... Or only to want to help...
The criminal president Dalia Grybauskaite secretly sabotages any attempt to help Ukraine. She only talks, and poses for photographs beside machine guns, and on top of tanks.
She has many aids as a president. They know she is a criminal, that their gang does exist. Yet all of them keep silent.
At least 2 of her former aids went to work as a ministers in Ukraine:
- As if Ukraine lacked honest people of their own. President Poroshenko hired these crooks. Although, he knew at least from me that they are crooks (by virtue of crook president of Lithuania).

On January 5, 2016 the commissioner of European Union on security Federica Mogherini appointed Kestutis Lanchinskas as chief of the mission to establish law enforcement of criminals onto Ukraine (Kęstutis Lančinskas).
Kestutis Lanchinskas is a criminal. He was chief of Police department, which covered region of Vilnius in Lithuania. That department is a criminal organisation... As are the entire Police of Lithuania.
Federica Mogherini did receive such reports. She deleted them without reading.
You too please drop her a complaint. Her Web page at European Parliament:

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite is a state criminal

She, and countless other highest and lowest officials run a criminal gang.
They hijacked the entire state of Lithuania.

They are accused of crimes against humanity, and numerous other crimes.
They persecute, attack, and torture civilians routinely, viciously, on mass.

President's stooge - Chief prosecutor, and Service of Special Investigations (STT) conceal this criminal case from the public... ... and from scarce remnants of defeated, and subdued elements of law enforcement...

Nobody saw her smash even 1 brick. Perhaps her "black belt" in karate is a fake, just like fake is anything she does.

She mostly eats, gains fat, does nothing, and rests.
Occasionally she succumbs to a rush of gibberish, blabber, useless talk.
Today she looks like a thick barrel of trash.

Each year she receives 5000 complaints about corrupt officials, plunder, and torture.

She never replied to any of them. Not 1.
This is an official statement from her Chancellery.
Anyone of you, who is not as lazy as to do real talk, rather than fake interview, can obtain the same official statement from Lithuanian state.

In her stead her Chancellery themselves send all the fake replies. Often they do not reply, ignore the complaints.

They routinely breach article 89 of Lithuanian Constitution.
It says: nobody shall act in stead of Dalia Grybauskaite the president.

Year 1991 was a period of struggle for independence of Lithuania from USSR. That same year Dalia Grybauskaite began to work at the embassy of USSR in Washington, USA. Now she conceals this fact.
Around the same time she "studied" at University of Georgetown. There she took a course for leading personnel. Someone sent, and paid for her there.
She turned up at Lithuanian embassy, and asked for a job there. She presented herself as an activist. But the staff turned her down, because they learnt of her work for USSR.
On February 6 of year 2013 she received a medal of Karoling the great from buraucrats of town of Aahen in Germany. On May 9, 2013 the received a title of Honorable doctor from the University of Georgetown. Before those awards she altered in her biography the year of study in the University from true 1991 to false 1992.
Former member of parliament Zigmas Vaišvila tells so:ė.htm
For such revelations Lithuanian criminal state illegally persecutes him.

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite accumulates her fortune by lending to state. She "buys" government bonds at prices, which she herself influences by singing laws, and appointing ministers.
She secures her money by "investment" in land: she obsessively "buys" (grabs) plots of land. Mostly she grabs land from state, using intermediaries. Once it was made public that 1 such plot of land is illegal. In order to save face she hurried to sell it back to the intermediary.

In a line up of presidents of the world she belongs closer to the end of the queue, in the company of:
Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe - deposed in november of 2017;
Kim Jong-un of North Korea;
Alexandr Lukashenka of Byelorussia.

A human rights organization from August 21 till September 25, 2017 held a hunger strike in front of the President's palace in order to get her, and the state to act:
President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite keeps silent, refuses to act, because she herself is a criminal, an accomplice.
I advised them to demand to remove herself for perpetual breach of the mentioned article 89 of Lithuanian Constitution.
She would not care. But this, and other my advice would make their struggle effective. She took fright. Then she secretly ordered special forces to illegally remove the peaceful hunger strikers, protesters from public square in front of her windows, and to punish them by fake law.

Zimbabwe 2017

In November of 2017 military of Zimbabwe arrested president Robert Mugabe, and several of his aids. Although, military themselves were his aids too...
This happened a few months after in the appeal above I likened president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite to the president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe. I inspired his opponents.
Good bye Robert! Go to jail, and give back all the money you stole, all the people you killed.

On November 21, 2017 military peacefully persuaded Mugabe to step down, to avoid impeachment. They tried to demonstrate that they do not overthrow "legitimate" government... That they act legally. Someone even suggested immunity from prosecution for Mugabe, and to allow him to retain riches.
- No. Legality should mean impeachment, not its avoidance. If Mugabe did anything wrong, they still must prosecute him.

The 1st thing that opponents incriminate Robert Mugabe with is that he abdicated his power of president to his wife. She illegally acted in his stead.
- The same does president of Lithuania madam Dalia Grybauskaitė. Above I mention that she routinely breaches article 89 of Lithuanian Constitution. To do this, instead of wives, she employs a Chancellery. 2 women there illegally act in her stead.

It is unfortunate that the person to replace Mugabe is one of his former aids, his "right hand man": Emerson Mnangagwa. Nicknames: "Crocodile", "Enforcer". During the massacre of 1983 he was the chief of security. Though, he claims to have been unaware of the massacre.
He persecuted opponents of Mugabe. Because of that USA keeps Mnangagwa on a list of sanctions.
He fell out of favour recently. This caused the change of power. Still he calls Mugabe his mentor.

Not Mnangagwa, but other, conscientious people should lead the country. Do not be lazy! Do not abandon ("entrust") improvement of plight into the hands of those, who worsened it.

July 30, 2018 Zimbabwe held elections.
Turnout: 70%.
August 2, 2018 electoral commission declared Emerson Mnangagwa the new president.
They assigned to him 51% of votes.
44% - to his opponent Nelson Chamisa.
Opponents claimed fraud. The day before Police killed 6 protesters. Seems like oppression resumed.
The good thing is that opponents are not afraid, like previously.

Results of elections to parliament seem to be rigged too:
Zanu-PF: 144 seats
MDC alliance of 7 parties: 64
National Patriotic Front of Mugabe: 1.

Will write more later.
Questions are welcome.
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